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Almost 2 Years

On February 6, 2020, it will be two years since we lost our beautiful, kind-hearted girl. Never in a million years, did I imagine surviving this, let alone making it two years further in this life without her. But here we all are somehow getting by.

For my first blog post, I just want to thank the people who surrounded us with love and support over the last two years. When I look back at all the wonderful things that people did for us, it literally boggles my mind. From the food-train that our awesome neighbors did those first few weeks after, to my former employer, Cooper Standard, building a playground in Darian's honor, to the daily support of close friends and family, it's all just so beautifully kind. Just like Darian.

But by far, the biggest part of our healing, I attribute to God. He lifted us up and carried us through a nightmare that no parent should ever have to endure. It's not over and it never will be. We are still trying to heal, every.. single.. day.. But we are surviving, and right now, that's enough.

For those that have been following our page and have supported our foundation, you too, give us reasons to keep doing what we do. Our beautiful daughter would be so pleased with the kindness that has been spread in her honor. She is definitely looking down from Heaven and cheering us on. I know she is.

Fly high, beautiful, Darian. We love and miss you dearly.

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